How to make Women Hockey Team perfect

Women Hockey Team

Women Hockey Team: Hockey is a most famous game and counted in the list of national game in India. If we play it regularly it will give us huge benefits in many ways. It serves in developing the body stamina by offering good health. Any person playing and practicing this game, requires more effort and dedication to continue. This is one of the outdoor game generally liked by Indian youths. It is not so easy however the continuous practice of this game may improve a lot to be the champion. The Indian women’s national field hockey team is one of the topmost team in the world (nicknamed the Golden Girls of Hockey).

Each of the team carries 11 players (divided into two fullbacks, five forwards, three halfbacks, and a goal-keeper). This game is played in two halves of 35 minutes having an interval of 5 to 10 minutes. The game is very much interesting easily motivates watchers to see the hockey match. It gives various health and financial advantages to the player. A person involved in this game can quickly make his/her nice career.

Indian Women Hockey Team Performance history

The team’s higher achievement came at the Women’s Hockey World Cup at Mandelieu in 1974, where they got 4th place. In 1980 they were having their best performance in the Olympic Games at Moscow Summer Olympics (where they got 4th position) when a women’s game was held for the first time in Olympic history. The Women Hockey Team also won the Gold medal at the inaugural 1982 Asian Games conducted in New Delhi, defeating Korea in the finals. Captain Suraj Lata Devi directed the team to the Gold for three consecutive years at different events- during the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the 2004 Hockey Asia Cup, and the 2003 Afro-Asian Games.

Team members were titled as the “Golden Girls of Hockey,” and “assi (Jasjeet) jaisi koi nahi” after the 2004 win. The team received a 3rd-place finish at the 2013 Women’s Hockey Asia Cup held at Kuala Lumpur after defeating China in a knockout. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, they got a 5th place but at 2014 Asian Games, Incheon surprised Japan 2-1 in a tight match to clinch their third bronze medal at the Asian Games. In 2015, during the summer, the team hosted the Round 2 of the 2014–15 Women’s FIH Hockey World League and ended on top to qualify for the next stage.

In Antwerp, at the World League Semifinals, the team completed in the fifth place beating higher ranked Japan in the classification match. The Indian women’s national field hockey team qualified and marched for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics for the first time since the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Why Hockey is National Game of India

Hockey has been preferred as the National Game due to the golden period of hockey in India (from 1928 to 1956). During that time the Indian hockey players were doing the especially excellent job of them, so their continuous win and outstanding expertise was the reason to accept this game as a national game of the country. During that golden period, India had firmly participated and played 24 Olympic matches. And the most shocking thing was that it had conquered all the matches scoring 178 goals and granting only 7 goals. They won gold medals in Tokyo Olympics (1964) and Moscow Olympics (1980).

Tools Required to Play Hockey

Playing hockey game in a safe method and style demands some important equipment which is named as neck guard, hockey stick, shoulder pads, helmet, elbow pads, Jockstrap with cup pocket and protective cup (to support or protect male genitals), and a puck or ball.

Types of Hockey

Their are many types of hockey (derived from hockey or its predecessors) such air hockey, beach hockey, deck hockey, unicycle hockey gym hockey, mini hockey, floor hockey, pond hockey, power hockey, ball hockey, box hockey, foot hockey, nok Hockey, rossall hockey, skater hockey, table hockey, underwater hockey and many more.

Steps to improve Women Hockey Team in India:

  • Sports leagues promotion of games
  • Walsh concern and inefficient management
  • Place qualified professionals in federation posts instead of honorary members
  • Decline of the national game
  • Lack of exposure and tournaments
  • Need for sponsors
  • Strictly recognize age limits
  • Astroturf issues
  • Need for inspiration
  • Structured competition
  • Confidence in team selection
  • Tie-ups with foreign bodies who have a vested interest in developing the sport
  • Tactical
  1. Team structure, especially in the back four
  2. Defending and attacking as a team
  3. Circulating the ball in the back
  4. Press Tactics as a team
  5. Marking individually and as a team
  6. Interchanging Positions during the run of play
  • Technical Points
  1. Back checking or reverse tackling by the forwards
  2. Aerial hockey
  3. Sweeps from the strong and weak side
  4. Overall basic abilities
  • Physical
  1. Vastly Improved physical fitness which is a tremendous plus
  2. Collective teamwork rate very high
  • Psychological
  1. Improved attitude
  2. Positive self-expectancy
  3. Team unity
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Self-belief
  6. Work ethic
  7. Desire to learn and excel
  • Management
  1. Improved planning and organisation
  • Goal scoring
  1. Especially via Tomahawks
  2. Deflections and rebounds
  • Set Plays
  1. Improved penalty corner conversion rate
  • Goalkeeping
  1. Completely Improved department and a big reason for team’s success
  2. Fewer soft goals are allowed now

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