How to Become a Vagabond Traveler

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There are many different kinds of travelers, but the type of travel that will stick with you most profoundly is vagabond travel.

What is a Vagabond Traveler?

A vagabond traveler is often mistaken for a homeless person simply because the vagabond traveler carries many possessions in his backpack and travels without plans or itineraries. He is a wanderer of the best type – determined to explore a country or even continent one road at a time. While this form of backpack travel isn’t for everyone, for those with an itch to wander, taking a few months or years to become a vagabond traveler can have substantial rewards in the form of life lessons.[ad]

Get Information

Your first step to learning how to travel vagabond style is to read up on the subject. Order a vagabond travel guide to learn the best areas to wander and tricks of the trade in various counties and cultures. Not surprisingly, some countries are much more open to backpackers wandering through the cities than others. Backpacker travel information will help you know what to pack and how to find lodging and information in virtually anywhere you go.

Get Ready

One you have information and a plan, it’s time to get ready for a grand adventure. Buy or borrow a backpack, sleeping bag, travel containers of just about everything, pouches for personal possessions and a journal to record your adventures properly. [ad#2]

Find a Willing Friend

It’s much more fun to wander Europe or Asia with a willing friend by your side, so recruit one to go with you. If none of your friends are up to the task, you might be able to group up with a small group of people setting off. Even if you break apart from the group later, traveling with others will give you a bit more security as you learn the ropes and the company will be a nice addition as well.

Find Your Way

Some backpack travel is highly structured, such as the backpacking across Australia or Europe, but true vagabond travel just takes you where it will. Make a vague plan to start in a particular city and jot down a few places you’d like to see and then start your journey moving at your own pace and making the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime.

Easy Step By Step

  • Learn about the life of a vagabond traveler to determine if that form of travel is right for you.
  • Start buying the required materials. You may be able to borrow some.
  • Recruit a friend willing to go with you or join another group.
  • Get started exploring!

Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions

To make life simpler, always carry a roll of toilet paper and a bottle opener. A deck of cards is also a nice addition as it gives you something to do for entertainment in the evenings.

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