How to Get HDTV

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how to get hdtvYou’ve heard about it, and you’ve seen it displayed in stores. Perhaps now it’s time for you to get HDTV.

Buy an HDTV

To get HDTV (high definition television) programming, you must have a television capable of showing the HDTV picture. Visit your local electronics store or shop online to see the various HD compatible televisions available. High definition can boost the price of a basic television set, but it is becoming increasingly a standard feature in most new sets. Check to see if your current television allows for HD, and if not, treat yourself to a new television with HD compatibility.


Call the Cable Company

Chances are, if you’re just now buying a HD television, you don’t already have HDTV coming through the cable box or satellite. Pick up the phone and call your representative about the HD options available in your viewing area. There are more HD channels being released all the time, so chances are good you have at least a handful of HDTV channels to choose from.

Your cable company may offer a HDTV package, or you may have to choose which channels you’d actually like to receive. Once you’ve made your selections and gotten service set up, you can expect a visit from the installation tech.


Install Your HDTV Box

Some companies may be able to send HDTV signals to your current cable or satellite box, but chances are you’ll have to get an upgraded receiver. The cable technician will come to call with the new box, a new remote, and all the necessary wires. You’ll need to show him how your new television works and have the owner’s manual on hand for the new TV should something prove tricky. Most likely, however, the tech will plug in a few wires, make a phone call, and have your HDTV up an running in less than thirty minutes.


Once you’re installed, you can pull up the old TV trays and popcorn while you enjoy crystal clear picture and sound. Throw in a new HD DVD for a real trip through the movies and spend some time experiencing nature as closely as you can through wires with HD Discovery. The longer you watch HD, the more you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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