How to Play Hide and Seek

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how to play hide and seekAs seen on TV, physical games and activities can help to keep children healthy and fit. Hide and seek is a classic game that uses both creativity and physical ability to play. It will also keep your children entertained for hours. There are many versions of hide and seek, but here’s how to play the most basic.

Establish the Players

The first step in hide and seek is to determine the players. You must know who will be hiding and who will be seeking. There is one “it” or seeker, and the rest of the players will be hiding in the designated area. A homebase should be determined such as tree or banister, and the perimeters of the play area can be outlined for all players as well.


Count to 100

“It” hides his eyes on the home base and begins a slow and loud count. You can have the seeker count as low as ten or as high as one hundred, but twenty-five or thirty ought to do it. While he’s counting, the rest of the players are running to find hiding places. They hide themselves and wait for the next phase of the game.


Hide and Seek!

The seeker reaches the magical number and begins looking for the hiders. While he is seeking, the hiders are looking for an opportunity to race past him back to the home base. If the seeker finds you while you are hiding (or racing back to base) you are the new “it.” If all the players make it back to base before the seeker can find them, he must hide his eyes again and play another round as “it.” The game continues indefinitely.

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How to Choose a Doormat

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how to choose a doormatA doormat has a very ignoble but important job. You may not pay it much attention, but doormats are stepped on by everyone who enters your house, and it is usually the first and last thing they see as they come and go. Choose a doormat that will make a good lasting impression, but one that will do its job well and will hold up for a long time.

Make a Plan

While hopefully you don’t lose sleep over this decision, keep a few considerations in mind when choosing what doormat to purchase. Before you shop, determine the purpose of your doormat. Is this a primarily functional doormat, intended to remove dirt and debris from feet and shoes before these filthy intruders find their way onto your floor? Or is it purely decorative, bringing color to a room or hiding an unsightly stain on the carpet underneath? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Once you have answered these important questions, you will have a better idea of what doormat you desire.


Choose a Style

After answering the questions previously mentioned, you will be on your way to determining the style of your doormat. An outdoor doormat needs to be particularly durable, built to withstand the elements. Since these doormats are usually more functional decorative, choose one with a thick rubber bottom to resist moving around in the wind and foot traffic. They should also have an abrasive surface with some kind of “scraper” top to remove mud, dirt, or sand from soles of shoes. Thankfully you don’t have to abandon all style. There are plenty of functional doormats that don’t sacrifice fashion.

An indoor mat can also be functional, but usually steps up in style, as well. Coordinate the color of your mat with the colors of your home. Whether your rug is braided, woven, fringed, or frayed, choose a rug that reflects your personal taste. Don’t forget, however, that form follows function, and this is something that will be stepped on innumerable times. Inevitably, it will get filthy and require cleaning. Don’t choose a rug that will not withstand a tough cleaning regularly.


Purchase a Doormat

Now that you have a plan and style in mind, go find the doormat that best suits you. The store you go to will be influenced by the type of rug you want. Hardware or garden stores will have a better selection of outdoor doormats, while a linens store may provide a wider range of indoor or decorative rugs. Find one that fits your needs and fits your budget, then take it home and throw it on the floor and step on it! Enjoy!

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