How to Secure Your Home on a Budget

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how to secure your home on a budgetHome security systems can be expensive. If you are working on a tight budget, but would like to be sure your home is as secure as possible without expensive alarms and cameras, you can. Here’s how to secure your home on a budget.

Secure Your Locks

The least expensive way to secure your property is to be sure the locks that are supposed to be keeping people out are up to par. Check all of your locks to be sure none are broken, and then invest in new locks for the front and back door. If you have a sliding door, be sure you have a bar to prevent the door from sliding open without your permission should the lock be jimmied.


Backdoors are often less secure than front, and most intruders know this. Purchase a chain, deadbolt, or combination of locks for the backdoor as well as the front. This is your first measure of defense, and you want it to be a good one. Check your window locks and see about installing additional locks on these as well.

Set Up Surveillance

Notable cameras are off-putting to intruders as they don’t want their actions recorded. Fake security cameras are inexpensive and may provide an excellent deterrent. If you’d rather have the real thing, but can’t afford a full-blown security system, a simple webcam or nanny cam hooked up through your computer can record short bursts of activity for you to monitor while you’re away or at the end of the day. Just be sure you set up the camera in a location where it can “see” as much as possible.


Install Lights

A motion activated floodlight in the backyard or along the driveway is another good deterrent to intruders. Someone sneaking up in the dark would suddenly become flooded with light making it hard to act nonchalant. Of course, the neighbor’s cat would also become flooded with light, so consider your wattage and sensitivity when installing these.

Decorative lights that illuminate the yard in both the front and the back can also provide a measure of security by eliminating the darkness that makes it easy for intruders to sneak through. These lights are also attractive, so you’d be killing two birds with one stone.

Be Vigilant

Once you have your locks, lights and cameras in place, you must be vigilant about maintaining them. Don’t get lazy and forget to lock up at night or sleep with a window open if you’re on the first floor. Locks and lights are terrific at helping to keep intruders out, but you must utilize the systems properly for them to work correctly. Be vigilant and be your home’s best protector.

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