How to Play Hide and Seek

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how to play hide and seekAs seen on TV, physical games and activities can help to keep children healthy and fit. Hide and seek is a classic game that uses both creativity and physical ability to play. It will also keep your children entertained for hours. There are many versions of hide and seek, but here’s how to play the most basic.

Establish the Players

The first step in hide and seek is to determine the players. You must know who will be hiding and who will be seeking. There is one “it” or seeker, and the rest of the players will be hiding in the designated area. A homebase should be determined such as tree or banister, and the perimeters of the play area can be outlined for all players as well.


Count to 100

“It” hides his eyes on the home base and begins a slow and loud count. You can have the seeker count as low as ten or as high as one hundred, but twenty-five or thirty ought to do it. While he’s counting, the rest of the players are running to find hiding places. They hide themselves and wait for the next phase of the game.


Hide and Seek!

The seeker reaches the magical number and begins looking for the hiders. While he is seeking, the hiders are looking for an opportunity to race past him back to the home base. If the seeker finds you while you are hiding (or racing back to base) you are the new “it.” If all the players make it back to base before the seeker can find them, he must hide his eyes again and play another round as “it.” The game continues indefinitely.

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