How to Become an Egg Donor

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how to become an egg donorThere are countless families in the world who are desperately trying to have a baby, but struggle for any number of reasons. One of the increasingly more common reasons in the modern family is the age of the mother when its time to conceive. Older mothers have had an opportunity to build their career and experience the world, but unfortunately their eggs have aged along with them. Younger women have the opportunity to help build the family they want while making a bit of money for the time and effort spent.

Become an Egg Donor

Becoming an egg donor is not often mentioned in social circles, but donating eggs to friends, family or strangers is becoming more common as science advances and more families start at later ages. Women who are unable to use their own eggs or struggle getting pregnant sometimes turn to younger women whose eggs are younger and healthier for a donation. The donated eggs are then fertilized with the partner’s sperm and implanted to begin a pregnancy.


The Egg Donation Process

Donating eggs is more complicated than donating sperm. Women release a egg from their ovary once every menstrual cycle, usually once a month. That egg travels to the uterus, waits to become fertilized and then leaves the body if it is not fertilized. Unlike men who can technically produce sperm until they die, women are born with a set number of eggs and those eggs age and are used overtime. At a point after the thirties, the likelihood of releasing a healthy egg that is ready to be fertilized and grow diminishes. This is why these women need your younger, healthier eggs.

To donate eggs, you would contact an egg donation agency and submit a profile. When a family who is in need of eggs decides you’re the ideal candidate you will be notified and the process will begin. You will likely be paid a portion of your fee upfront. (The total fee can easily be upwards of $6000.)


You will be given hormone shots to encourage your body to release multiple eggs at once in the upcoming cycle. When you ovulate, doctors will carefully extract the eggs using a long needle and your job will be finished. Once the eggs have been harvested and the process is complete, you will be paid the remainder of your fee and you can enjoy that money knowing you’ve helped to make a family’s dream come true.

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How to Increase the Chance of Having a Boy

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how to have a baby boyIt is perfectly normal to prefer, or at least think you prefer, one gender over the other when trying to conceive. Of course many parents are shocked to discover just how quickly they adapt to either gender, but this is necessary as only genetic engineering or embryo selection can absolutely determine sex. But if would like to tip the odds, and you’re wondering how to have a baby boy, consider the following:

The Shettles Method

Doctor Shettles has developed a method for conception that has a relatively high percentage of success. His theory is based on the nature of sperm and the speed with which they travel.

All eggs produced by a woman are X chromosomes. Sperm can carry a Y or an X chromosome. Two X’s make a girl baby, and one X (the egg) and one Y make a boy. The Y carrying sperm are smaller and faster than the heavy X carrying sperm. So according to Dr. Shettles, to conceive a boy, you simply need to get the “boy” sperm to the egg before the “girl” sperm.


Chart Your Cycle

The first step to conceive a baby boy is to chart your monthly cycle so that you know when you are ovulating. You can check for ovulation by keep track of your basal body temperature, checking mucus or by using ovulation strips or a kit. Once you know when you will be ovulating, you can give conceiving a boy a try.

Time Intercourse

To conceive a boy baby you must have intercourse no sooner than twenty-four hours before ovulation and no later than twelve hours after ovulation. Boy sperm live shorter, more frantic lives, so this gives them the best range of time to get to the egg and beat out the girl sperm that move more slowly and live much longer lives. The conditions inside the vagina and cervix are also at their least hostile during ovulation as the mucus is less acidic.


Tips for Success

To be successful, you should consider additional steps in the conception process. Boy sperm can use a running start as many are killed in the vagina due to its hostile environment. To get them closer to the starting gate, consider positions for intercourse that have deep penetration such as penetration from behind the female. Also, caffeine has been shown to make sperm move more rapidly, so have the man drink a quick cup of coffee or soda before beginning intercourse.

Finally, it is encouraged that the female partner have an orgasm during sex. An orgasm makes the vaginal environment more alkaline which is hostile to girl sperm giving the boy sperm that much more of a fighting chance.

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How to Have a Baby Girl

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baby_girl150If you are not interested in genetic engineering or artificial insemination, there is no certain way of conceiving one gender versus the other. There are, however, various theories about how to increase your chances of a specific gender.

Selecting a Baby’s Gender

According to surveys more than 90% of expectant parents have a preference in regard to their unborn child’s gender. The reasons behind the preferences are varied, and when parents don’t get their wish, they adapt and are overjoyed to welcome any new baby to their home. But if you are ready for a baby girl and want to try to tip the scales, here’s how:

The Shettles Method

Doctor Shettles penned the most popular method designed to increase the chances of a girl. Before beginning the method, you must understand the rationale behind it. Women produce an egg every month during ovulation. The egg is always carrying an X chromosome. Two Xs make a girl and one X (the egg) plus one Y make a boy.

Men are responsible for the second X or Y. Each sperm is assigned one chromosome. When a male ejaculates, he sends 200-400 million sperm into the vagina that immediately begin searching for the released egg. Out of those millions, only one sperm gets the prize, and the chromosome of that one unites with the X of the egg, and the miracle has begun.

The Shettles method offers instruction on how to get more X-carrying sperm to the egg and beat out the Ys.

Conceiving a Girl

To actively work at conceiving a girl, you must know your cycle. Chart your cycle for a couple of months to see what day you begin your period and what day you are ovulating. You can do this using an ovulation kit or basal temperature. Then, once you know the day you will ovulate, begin having sex immediately following the end of your period. Have sex at least once a day until two or three days before ovulation. Then stop. (Sorry, guys.)

Y-carrying sperm swim faster than X-carrying sperm. The boy-makers also tend to die out more quickly. By stopping three days before ovulation, you are ensuring the only sperm left waiting around for the released egg are the longer-lasting, slow-swimming X-carriers. (Sperm can live up to 5-7 days inside a woman’s body.) When the remaining sperm meet up with the egg, it is far more likely an X sperm will get the honors.

Doctor Shettles also suggests having sex in the missionary position to deposit sperm as close to the entrance of the vagina as possible. He also suggests the woman not orgasm during sex (Sorry, girls.) An orgasm can make the vaginal environment alkaline which can kill off sperm more quickly preventing any pregnancy.

Easy Step By Step Instructions
  • Know your cycle
  • Use the Shettles Method to time your pregnancy
  • Plan accordingly
Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions

A lot of people have been leaving some shocking comments. If you are able to conceive a child, love it regardless. Trying for a baby girl is one thing, being unhappy if you end up having a boy is pathetic. If you find yourself angry or unhappy at having a baby boy seek professional help right away!

Speak with a Professional about having a girl

Ask a Live Doctor about how you can Increase the chance to have a girl

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