How To Take Care of a Baby

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how to care for a babyA newborn baby is exciting, but no matter how ready you think you are, new parents often find themselves a bit confused and panicked when that new baby comes home. There are many things involved to effectively take care of a baby, but once you have the basics sorted out, the rest just falls into place. Here is how to care for a newborn baby.

The adage about new babies claims they only do three things – eat, sleep, and poop. Many new parents find this to be startlingly true, at least for the first few weeks. Thus, care for a newborn baby involves taking care of these three activities.


A newborn baby eats only one of two things, or possibly both. Breast milk is the preferred choice for its many health benefits, but formula is certainly healthy and the natural alternative if breastfeeding does not work out for any reason. A newborn baby starts a feeding every 2-3 hours if breast fed, and every 2-4 hours if formula feeding.


Most experts agree that feeding on demand, or when the baby wants to eat, is the best way to feed a baby for the first 4-12 months of life. So, when your baby begins fussing, crying, or chewing on his hands, offer him the breast or the bottle. A newborn will eat less than 2-3 ounces per feeding, and may take up to forty-five minutes to complete each feeding. Be sure to burp the baby periodically during the feeding to decrease chances of spit up.


After your baby eats, he will most likely fall asleep. Lay him on his back in a safe sleeping environment such as a bassinet or crib. Avoid letting him sleep on your bed as the blankets may be too thick and your baby is simply safer inside a crib or bassinet. He can sleep in a playpen, car seat, swing, or bouncer as well for the first few weeks or months if he sleeps better in those positions. Dress him comfortably, and consider swaddling as this makes a newborn more comfortable and promotes longer and better sleep.



Caring for a newborn involves quite a few diaper changes. You should change his diaper following every feeding. Most newborns make dirty diapers while eating as the feeding stimulates the bowels. Expect your newborn to have a dirty diaper with almost every meal for the first few days, but after the first week or two, dirty diapers will only appear 1-3 times a day.

Wipes are abrasive on the sensitive skin of a newborn, so consider using warm water and a washcloth or simply letting running water clean away the poop. This will help prevent diaper rash, but you should have ointment on hand to help with any that appears.


Most of all, a newborn needs constant love and attention. His needs and comforts now come before your own, but you most likely won’t mind as he will have easily become the center of your world the moment he was born.

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How to Buy a Baby Stroller

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how to buy a baby strollerA baby stroller is one of the most fundamental essentials of baby gear. Popular parenting advice will suggest you purchase a large travel system complete with coordinating infant seat, but that may not be what is best for you situation. If you’re ready to buy a baby stroller, consider the following:

Your Baby:

If you are having a singleton, or one baby, there are plenty of options for you in regards to stroller selection. But if you are having twins or this baby is closely following his older sibling, you must consider your need for a double stroller. For our purposes today, we will assume you are looking for a standard, one-baby stroller.

Your Location:

If you live in the city, your needs will be different than if you live in the country on rougher roads. Your location can make a difference in the style of stroller you buy. In suburban or rural areas, much of baby’s travel will be by car, but in the city, walking or public transportation is most common.


This means urban dwellers must consider the durability and portability of their stroller more so than suburban dwellers. If your stroller is traveling miles every day and bumping up and down stairs, it is most likely worth the extra cost to have a stroller that folds in a single swift motion to be throw in the back of a cab and can withstand more than a few bruises and bumps.

Your Uses:

There are four kinds of baby strollers that have varying uses. You should buy a stroller that suits as many of your needs as possible.

Prams – A pram or baby buggy is the oldest style of stroller. To ride in a pram, the baby lays flat on his back. These are most suitable for very young babies who are usually sleeping and not interested in seeing the world. They also tend to be expensive and are considered a luxury item as they are used for only a short period of time and their function can be handled by other, most practical varieties.


Travel Systems – The travel system is a life saver for many parents. The stroller usually has a means of snapping in an infant bucket car seat for convenience until your child is ready for the standard seat with its multiple reclining positions. The system has other available options such as cup holders, compartments, and a basket underneath for storage. Travel systems are bulky, however, and the more conveniences yours has, the larger it is – even when folded.

Umbrella Strollers – The simplest of strollers, umbrella strollers, collapse into the smallest storage option. This means they lose many of the perks of travel systems including multiple cup holders, storage compartments, and baskets. But many still do come with a tray for a baby stroller and attachable storage bags or cup holders. The primary drawback of umbrella stroller is that they do not accommodate infant car seats or even very young infants as they do not recline more than forty-five degrees.

Jogging Strollers – Finally, a jogging stroller has large rugged wheels and a special design to make it easy to handle one handed. It is the largest of the stroller options, but best for rural or bumpy roads. A jogging stroller can go places other strollers can’t but the one place it probably won’t go is into the trunk of your car as it is exceptionally large even when collapsed.

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How To Install a Sports Seat

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When a car enthusiast is looking to upgrade their car one of the first things that comes to mind is replacing the factory seat in their car with a sport’s seat. When you are looking to find a sport’s seat to install in your car you want to check out automotive magazine or even the internet to find out more about popular sport’s seat brands such as Cobra and Flofit and determine which type of seat is going to best suit your car.

Select Your Sport’s Seat

Once you have chosen the sport’s seat that you would like to put into your car then you should contact the manufacturer to find out where a local retailer is located. After you have chosen your sport’s seat, you are ready to get it home and install it.

Installing a sport’s seat into your car is a fairly easy task to complete although some may find tightening some of the screws on the sport’s seat a bit difficult. To begin this project you are going to need the following tools: a battery powered drill with a screwdriver bit, a regular screwdriver and a pair of good quality pliers. Having the proper tools to perform this job will make the work got much more smoothly.

Before Installing You New Seat

Before you start working with the seats take the time to sit down and go over the installation manual for the seats so that you are completely familiar with the installation procedure. After you have done that go over the adapter kit that you have purchased to make sure you have each and every piece needed to correctly install your new sport’s seat. This way you will not be half way through your installation and find that you are missing a piece or two.

Now you can begin to unbolt the original seat from your car while paying close attention to how the seat fastens into your car. Once the original seat has been unbolted then lift the seat and remove it from your car.

Get Rid of Your Old Car Seat

After the original seat has been removed, you can then begin installing your sport’s seat. You can bolt the new sport’s seat into place using the pieces of your adapter kit as necessary. By paying attention to how the original seat was bolted in it should be no problem to place the sport’s seat into your car and attach it correctly.

Now that your sport’s seat has been successfully installed you will want to move the seat into different positions to make sure that it fits properly and that the sport’s seat does not cause any type of obstruction. If the sport’s seat doesn’t move as it should you need to unbolt it and remove it from your car and go over how the seat is to be bolted in one more time while also determining the need for more or less adapter pieces.

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