How to Dress for a Date

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how to dress for a dateYour first date is a thing of beauty – and incredible stress. Do you dress up? Will you look like you’re trying to hard? Or should you dress normally and risk looking sloppy? It can be tough to pick the perfect outfit, but relax – you can do it.

Determine Location

Location is the single most important factor on a date. If you’re going ice skating, you want to be prepared and not be the only one in a mini skirt on the ice. Likewise you’ll want to skip the skinny jeans on the beach. Speak to the lucky guy to determine where you’re going to go on this date. If he acts like you’re stressing him out or putting him on the spot, make a gentle suggestion that you keep things low key – and then dress for dinner and a movie.


Pick an Outfit

Start combing through your closet looking for something to wear. You want to pull together an outfit with the following criteria:

  • You know its flattering, so you feel your best.
  • You are comfortable in it so you’re not pulling at your skirt or trying to make your buttons stay closed.
  • You have flexibility in case you wind up riding horses or bowling rather than dancing the night away.
  • You are dressing for the middle road – not too casual and not too fancy.
  • It’s clean and not stained.
Get Dressed

Pull your outfit on to make sure it feels right. You should be comfortable without worrying about bending too far in your skirt or getting blisters from your shoes. You want to wear something that’s normal for you so that you’re not more uncomfortable than a typical first date should be, but you want to look nice. Pants and a nice shirt, a cute sundress, or jeans and a sweater are good, middle-of-the-road choices.


Check the Details

Before you head out the door, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the details covered. Check for any stains or dirty spots. Lint removers will help take care of any stray cat hairs, and you’ll want to cut (not pull) any loose threads. Are you pulled together? Do you feel good? Then go and have a great time!

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