How to Stay Organized at Work

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Like most of us, you probably struggle a bit to stay organized at work. You’re lucky to be given a small office, or you might have to deal with a cube like the rest of us, but in that space you’re trying to keep up with your personal belongings, your work supplies and the necessary items like nametags and badges. Staying organized can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s certainly easier than you might think.

Invest in Organizers

If you can get your boss to spring for them, invest in some serious desk organizers. Having a desktop organizer for your rubber bands, pens and paperclips seems silly, but it can save you more than a few headaches down the road. Stackable baskets on top of your desk let you sort through papers and a drawer liner with little compartments makes it much easier to find your Sharpie or your spare key when you need it the most.

Use Labels to Organize Your Desk

There’s nothing better than a label maker when it comes to sorting through the items both in and around your desk. Got files? Label them! Have a few magazine crates full of industry news? Label them, too! You don’t need to see inside each drawer or file box if you’re able to label them. A label maker makes it easy to keep your labels neat and professional as you work through everything, but if you have neat handwriting and a nice roll of masking tape, you can do just as well although your results won’t be quite as classy as they might have been with the label machine.

Store Valuable Items

You’re supposed to wear your badges at all times, most likely, but even the best employee gets stick of plastic rectangles poking him when he’s least expecting it. You can use your badges when you need them and take them off when you don’t if you keep them organized and on hand. Use a custom lanyard to arrange all of your badges in place. A peel-and-stick hook makes a great place to hang the badges when you’re not actually using them and with a custom lanyard, you’re able find the most comfortable fit for your badges as you try to keep your look together as well.

Keep Up Your System

Finally, you’ll need to keep a focus on your system. Keeping up your system can be as simple as being sure papers don’t stack up around you. Touch everything one time and immediately file it away into the correct spot. Don’t let things get scattered across your desk. Instead, use your system to make working easier and even faster as you spend less time trying to find valuable supplies and more time actually getting some work finished.

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Organized at Work

  • Start organizing your work by cleaning out your desk and drawers.
  • Invest in organizers as you put things back together to try and make a spot for each sort of item you’d use.
  • Use a label maker to actually label the places you’ve chosen for items, but keep it professional and clean!
  • Find ways to store items and keep important things, like badges and keys, within reach.
  • Keep up your system by forcing yourself to clean up as you go and to immediately sort and file papers.

Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions for Getting Organized

Once you’ve developed a system for organization, why not extend that system to your home office as well? It’s relaxing and much more productive to work in a clean, sorted environment.

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