How to Plan an Educational Tour

How to plan an educational tour

How to Plan an Educational Tour?: Before we start with How to Plan an Educational Tour we must know what is Educational Tour? Many of us assume that Educational Tour is just a fancy and modern name for a sightseeing tour. But nothing could be besides from the truth. True Educational Travel is mainly a combination of site visits, tours, and hands-on learning opportunities, built around clear learning objectives organized by any institutions, colleges or school.

Benefits of Educational Tour:

  • Students can actually see and improve their knowledge of places and works of art practically what they’ve learned about them in the classroom.
  • One can attain a deeper knowledge of history and culture than a book can ever convey and teach.
  • You can get the chance to try out the languages you have studied with native speakers.
  • You will have the chance to build independence and confidence as you travel new places and local customs.

Steps for How to Plan an Educational Tour:

If you are imagining an educational tour with your students or fellow mates, the preparation method might seem a bit strong. There are many questions that arise like; Where do I start? What can I show my students within a limited timeframe? When is the best time to go? When do you want to travel? For all  answers read below complete article and you will get answers to your questions, it will help you to find answers and to show you that as long as you choose the right student tour company, after answering all your queries you will come to know that it will be so easy to travel with your students that you’ll wonder and think many times that why you haven’t done it before!

When do you want to travel?
If you are thinking about How to Plan an Educational Tour than first, you have to start by making a rough estimation and calculations of your dates and time frame. You have to think and plan about are you working within a set school vacation? Are all your dates flexible? You have to pick your first, second and third choices of dates so that a tour adviser can show you how to maximize your budget and accounts or he will suggest you the best times of year to visit that particular destination you want to visit with your group. You must keep in mind that the process of finalizing enrolling students, the itinerary, and convincing parents can take some time, so it will best to start planning your trip at least 6 or 5 months in advance.

How to decide Destination/Educational Objective?
You have to think a destination in your mind or any educational topic or you have to focus on a specific subject. More often teachers are best at it they know what country or countries you can travel to; if instead, you have a clear list of educational objectives for your tour that might be accomplished in a variety of locations, you can also visit your tour consultant that he/she will suggest the best destinations to cover them. Tour consultant also suggests you according to your budget. Keep reading this arcticle about How to Plan an Educational Tour for your complete knowledge.

How to Research Educational Tour Companies?
Once you have created a rough idea of time frame and proper destination, you have to do some research on student tour agencies. You should visit their websites, properly read their blog and ask your partners for advice. This will be always a good thought to read reviews and ask the company for recommendations. Maybe some or any teacher have done an educational tour to the same destination with a same educational goal before and they can tell you about their good or bad experience.

What to talk to a group consultant?
After your destination is finalized, you have to call one or a few companies to make additional inquiries about your trip. You have to build an itinerary, get a price quotation and if you do get more than one quote, make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’. Make sure do they all offer the same inclusions? What type of airlines and hotels do they use and will you have a private coach and a tour supervisor by your side? All these are important parts when it comes to running your trip as smooth and easy as possible.

How many students and fellows are you traveling with?
You have to make the estimated size of your group. How many travellers will be there? How many chaperones are allowed to bring along? It’s completely normal to not know how many students will sign up. This number can vary, but it’s good to know whether you will have a small or large group.

How to Get school board approval?
Getting school board approval is very important for any educational tour. After planning the trip for further planning you have to talk to your school’s principal and school board in order to get their approval for your trip. The student travel agency or company that you’ve chosen should be able to assist you and provide any documents that you might need.

How to Promote your trip?
You must start spreading the news: you’re going to travel! via mouth publicity, using social media etc. Get students excited about your tour by telling what you’ll see and do. You can hang destination posters in your classroom or can circulate via mail. You can organize a parent meeting – be ready with your travel consultant to present the itinerary and answer any and all questions.