How to know more about Education Bihar

How to know more about Education Bihar

How to know more about Education Bihar: Here you will get a complete answer to your question “How to know more about Education Bihar”. The Department of Education, Bihar is responsible and capable of protecting the magnificent history of the state which was called to be the golden era of Nalanda University and Vikramshila University. This department is more concerned with offering education and setting up relevant frames and infrastructure across the state. The department has been working with five directorates and several apex bodies, to build a facilitative atmosphere in which youth, children, women, and others would explore and examine their knowledge and skills by pursuing secondary, primary, higher and mass education.

Bihar has always been a major center of learning, education, and home to the top universities like Nalanda University (one of the very earliest universities of India dating back to the fifth century) and Vikramashila. In spite of the low investment in education in Bihar, compared to other poorer Indian states, the students have done very well. National Institutes of learning such as IIM,  IIT, and IISER, AIIMS, NISER have huge representation from Bihar.

New Bihar has a poor educational infrastructure formulating a huge mismatch between demand and supply. This problem is additionally compounded by quick increases in population. The desire for higher education among the general population of Bihar has led to a immigration of the student community from the state. This has led to an erosion of students to seek more educational opportunities in other states, such as New Delhi and Karnataka, even for a college education. A research tells that 37.8% of Bihar’s teachers are not available in the schools during unannounced visits to schools, this leads to the worst teacher absence rate in India and one of the worst situation in the world.

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Problems in Bihar Education: How to know more about Education Bihar

  • People’s mentality: We must know that 85% of Bihari population lives in villages and they haven’t exposed to the outer world. So a complete generation has observed the education system and schools like a place which provides scholarship, bicycle, mid-day meal, school dress. They even complain if their children are not getting above and proper facilities but they don’t care about education. They more feel that cheating on board exams is natural and it’s been occurring over years with themselves and will happen with their children too. Above all, everyone has contacts from a peon of school to CM of Bihar. And to just show off their contacts and access to experts they make their ward’s life worst.
  • Go to school for freebies, not for education: Most of the students in villages visit schools only for the cycles, free meals, and other freebies that the government uses to attract them to schools. So due to this Education takes a back seat as these freebies become the prime motive of attending schools.
  • Incompetent teachers: In Bihar’s Education system teacher play an important role but unfortunately incompetent teachers are appointed by the state government for primary school, most of them have fake degrees and grossly small teaching knowledge. How to know more about Education Bihar?
  • Very costly private schools: This is a very stressful situation in Bihar state. Even the most serious and faithful pupils cannot manage reading in private schools. Schooling is by far a business and market that has been polarized between different costly private schools with a adequate education to government schools with poor education.
  • Teaching students to “remember” rather than to “know” practically: This is the major problem here which aims to rote learning and mugging of developing an open mind that’s bustling with ideas. Much of the Indian education system suffers from this disease as well. If you ever went to the English coaching institutes in small towns, you will commonly hear students repeating the sentences after the teacher, in unison.
  • Lack of routine and strict investigation: Most of the powers who have been hired for checking the system don’t take strict action on defaulters. There is always someone wrong and dishonest on lower or higher level. They are only relishing the so-called Sarkari Naukri Sukh and playing with the lives of kids and reputation of Bihar.
  • Untrained and unprofessional teachers: You have seen that in almost every private school there are different teachers for every different subject, but in case of Bihar it is not so. Here the situation is one teacher can teach every subject. Like, in primary schools, it can be performed but how to manage in higher classes. Teachers are provided with proper training and hiring is also done very loosely. And this is not the fact that their pay is less, high school teachers are earning 3x-4x of private school teachers pay. Again, they are enjoying their government job perks by keeping future of poor students on the stake.
  • Teachers have become managers: You can see in every primary and middle school in Bihar, there is mid-day meal facility that determines you have to handle almost 500 student’s lunch every day and many schemes of state and central govt. Moreover, Government asks for complete and proper hand-written details about the expenditures etc. from the teachers itself. So, teachers who are superior is delivered this work cause any alteration can affect their pay. So, who will teach and responsible for higher class students if good teachers are engaged in accounting? And this leads to a reduction of knowledge in basic subjects in those students. When they moreover go to high school, they can’t manage with the increased load and that reflects their bad results and performances. According to the report, around 50% of students qualify every year in board exams and they do hard-work and compensate the unforgivable deeds of Bihar’s supporters. This is the big deal for the students.

How to improve the education of Bihar?

  • Quality of govt schools and colleges should be improved
  • Making of fake result should be banned.
  • Fees of private schools colleges should be reduced
  • Education mafias should be warned against exploitation of students.
  • More college and schools should be opened with better facilities.
  • Distribution of free books and copies should be practiced.
  • People of Bihar should volunteer for literacy and starts inspiring people to educate their children.

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