How to Weed a Flower Bed

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how to weed a gardenWhen you spot unwanted plants appearing in your flowerbeds, you must take action to bring order back to your garden and keep your desired plants healthy. Weeding a garden is an ongoing process, but with careful treatment, the number of weeds you battle can be diminished over time.

Don Your Gloves

Before you weed a flowerbed, be sure you have well fitted gardening gloves. Many weeds have stickers or sharp leaves, and you’ll want your hands protected. While you’re donning your gloves, you may also want to grab a special kneeling pad to help keep your knees protected, too.


Weed From One End

Start at one end of your flower bed and comb through your plants looking for unwelcome growth. Pull weeds from the bottoms to remove the entire plant including the root. If you only break off the stem and leaves of a weed, the plant will simply continue to grow. Stubborn roots may require a trowel or small rake to loosen the soil before you’re able to remove the root system. As you finish a section, move along the flower bed from one end to the other to be sure you haven’t missed anything along the way.


Treat for Future Weeds

Once the weeds have been removed from the flowerbed, use a weed control product to help keep new weeds from growing. Treating for weeds and using chemicals on existing weeds can take time to work most effectively, but prevention efforts can pay off by completely removing all weeds in less than two years.

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