How to Remove a Bee Hive

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A single bee might not be a huge concern, but when you have a newly arrived swarm of bees around your home or you find an established hive up under the eaves, you’re in a bit of a tight spot. Bees are dangerous – especially if you live in an area that has become home to Africanized bees. In Arizona, for example, most bees found outside of established commercial hives are Africanized, and these bees are especially dangerous.

Determine the Problem

If you notice one or two bees, you might have a nice garden that attracts them, but to be on the safe side, check to see where the bees are headed. If you notice multiple bees around your home flying in and out of a particular area, you likely have a problem with a hive or a newly arrived swarm. Don’t get close to the area where the bees seem to be located – bees travel and are established in large numbers. Africanized bees especially will defend their hive with passion, so steer well clear. Watch the area from a distance until you’re sure bees are coming and going. Bees are sluggish in the mornings and evenings, so that is the best time to keep tabs for a bit.

Call Local Beekeepers

If you can find one, put in a call to local beekeepers to see if they want to move your bees. Bees can be easily moved from one place to another, especially if they have not yet created a wax hive. It can’t hurt to call and try to save the bees by moving them away from your home and into a new home of their own. If this step doesn’t work, you can certainly call in the Scottsdale bee removal experts.

Call in the Professionals

You can tackle a wasp nest with special sprays, but there aren’t special sprays for bees, plus there’s the sticky problem of the wax left behind. A bee hive is dangerous, and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between European and Africanized bees. Stay away from the hive and call in a professional for Phoenix bee removal. Explain that you’ve seen bees coming in and out of a particular area and ask them to come out for an inspection and removal.

Protect Others

It’s important to let others in the area know that you have a problem with bees as they can be dangerous not just to you, the home owner, but also to neighbors, deliverymen and pets. Make some quick phone calls or knock on the doors around you to warn off the neighbors – especially children who might think it would be fun to agitate the bees. Be sure to let them know when the professionals are coming to remove the hive so that everyone can stay well away from any danger.

Easy Step By Step Instructions For Removing Bee Hives
  • Watch the bees around your home to see if and where you have a problem.
  • Call local bee keepers to see if they would like to come and take your bees away.
  • Call in the professionals to remove the bees, hive and any honey created.
  • Be sure to keep neighbors and others in the area aware of the problem and take precaution with pets.
Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions When Removing a Bee Hive

Africanized bees are nicknamed killer bees because they are more aggressive in defending their hive. So long as you stay away from their swarm, there isn’t a need to panic over the bees or pay a rushed fee.

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