How Hang a Shower Curtain

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how to hang shower curtainsShower curtains come in all shapes and sizes, but hanging a shower curtain is almost universal. Of course, if you want to dress up your shower a bit, you can hang your curtain with extra flair, which is simple enough. Here’s how to hang a shower curtain.

Buy the Curtain and Accessories

When begin shopping for a shower curtain, take note of the many styles of hanging accessories. There are simple metal rings, colored plastic rings, decorative glass rings and many more. First select a shower curtain. Then find a set of coordinating curtain rings. You may choose to buy a set of curtain rings that match your bath accessories such as trashcan and soap dispenser, or you can opt for the basic plastic rings in a color that coordinates with the curtain itself.


If you’ve selected a fabric shower curtain, you’ll need to find a liner to protect the fabric from water. A liner is inexpensive and comes in a few different colors of vinyl, however your best bet may be a transparent curtain to let in the most light in the shower. You can easily use the liner as the shower curtain if you’d prefer although it is bathroom décor at it’s simplest. At the end of your shopping trip you should have a liner, a curtain, and one set of curtain rings.

Hang the Curtain

To actually hang the curtain, unfold the vinyl liner and lay the top of the liner underneath the top of the curtain. (You may wish to iron your new shower curtain – follow manufacturer’s instructions.) There are prepunched holes at the top of each piece, align those holes and thread a curtain ring through.


Start with one end or the other to ensure your liner and curtain are aligned properly. Then also check to be sure the outside pattern of the rings, if yours has one, is facing out on the side of the curtain, not the liner. If your rings lock together, don’t lock them yet.

Once you’re treaded all rings into all holes, carefully lift one side of the curtain up to the bar above your bathtub. Again start on one side to avoid miscalculations. Fit the ring over the bar and lock it into place. Repeat with all of the rings. Your curtain is now hung.

For extra variety, purchase a second bar to go over the tub. Hang the liner separately on the standard metal bar. Then place your new bar slightly higher than the original. Hang your decorative shower curtain with rings on this bar. Now you can open each curtain individually to let in more light as needed.

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