How to Handle a Work Injury

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Work InjuryIf you’re injured while on the job, there is a certain protocol to follow to ensure you’re properly cared for. If you find yourself hurt on the job, act carefully and use caution as being careless might lose you the benefits you’re seeking.

Record and Document the Work Injury

If possible, record and document the injury and the conditions surrounding the injury. Ask eye-witnesses to take a picture of the water or broken equipment with a camera phone or just to serve as your back-up should you need one. Accidents do happen, and most companies are forthright about handling the details and compensation properly, but others might try to sweep the incident under the rug or make you out to be the problem instead of faulty equipment or unsafe working conditions.

Insist on a Medical Examination After an Injury

If your injury is serious enough, call an ambulance to assist and assess the full extent of your injuries. Otherwise have a friend or family member take you to the emergency room or your doctor’s office for a full examination to determine the damage caused by the accident. Photograph your injuries as well to keep as a record. Keep all records of the medical treatment as well.

Call Human Resources

If they have not already been in contact with you, get in contact with the human resources division of your company to request paperwork and information regarding the company’s policies and procedures regarding injuries of this type. Do not sign any paperwork, however, until you have sought legal counsel. If your company requires you to sign a document at the time of the accident, read the document carefully and request the document be signed at a later date when you’re in the right state of mind, not in pain from the injury.

Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer If Needed

New Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyers are an excellent option in the area as are many others who specialize in small regions. Ask your lawyer to be present when you fill out paperwork to advise you on the process. Follow your lawyer’s advice regarding the process and be sure to get information from him as well as to the step you’re taking.

Settle or Sue with Your Company

Most companies act in good faith and will help reach an agreement with you over the injury and the correct amount of compensation or reimbursement for injuries. Others created illegal unsafe working conditions and should be brought to court in a punitive sense. Your lawyer can guide you through the process.

Take Time to Heal After a Work Injury

Use the funds obtained from the company for their purpose – to pay for time away from work to heal properly and to pay off the expenses of the injury. Once you’re healed and with a doctor’s permission, return to work in a hopefully safer environment.

Easy Step By Step Instructions for Handling a Work Injury
  • Record the injuries and the situation surrounding it.
  • Seek medical assessment and assistance.
  • Speak with human resources about company policies.
  • Obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer.
  • Settle or sue your company with the guidance of the lawyer.
  • Heal and get back to work.
Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions Concerning Work Injuries

Don’t sign any paperwork without the advisement of your lawyer. If you sign the wrong form, you may waive your right to additional compensation for the injury.

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