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If you’re using press releases as effective marking tools, know that there is a big difference between a basic press release and one that actually gets the job done. To improve your press release you’ll want to revisit the purpose of the release and then get comfortable with you news and your audience.

Remember that a Press Release is News – Not a Promotion

A press release isn’t an article and it isn’t a sales page. It shouldn’t read much like either one. A press release is a formal style of writing to convey news to the media including bloggers who will then repeat it to your desired audience. You’re writing for news outlets in a sense, not necessarily your end customer.

The general thought is to get the article from your computer into a news column to then reach a huge viewership. Sometimes press releases generate follow-up interviews and news conferences and sometimes they are syndicated across the web. If you want your release to be ignored you need only forget your purpose and write it like a self-congratulatory promotional article. Nobody will touch it.

Use Your Press Release to Convey Information Clearly

Think of your press release like a newspaper article. You need to be very clear about what the exact news is and be specific in your title and paragraphs. Use short paragraphs to drive the information home with a main idea and supporting details. Tell a brief story or make an announcement. Generate additional interest by giving readers a teasing taste to chew on as they read. If you’re announcing a new e-book, for example, give them some of the highlights to pique their interest, but be sure that the whole story is told – no cliff hangers.

Promote through Quotations Only

The quotes from the owner or employee used in the writing are the places to hype the new product or the event. Use these quotes as your promotional message and include the details that are too much hype to fit into the just-the-facts-please content everywhere else. You can usually include two quotations, but you might be able to get away with three if they are short or your press release is especially long.

Easy Step By Step Instructions For Writing a Press Release
  • Always remember that a press release is almost a news article – not promotional copy or opinions.
  • Write for your audience – journalists and bloggers who might turn this news around and post it in their respective mediums.
  • Use quotations to promote your product or service – talk it up naturally, of course.
Warnings, Advice, and Suggestions When Writing a Press Release

When submitting a press release, you do far better to submit to a single paid submission site than endless free press release sites. Releases your PR to a free site is akin to saying that it doesn’t really matter and you’re doing it for back links. You’ll be lucky to get those and you certainly won’t get much attention otherwise.

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