How to get Education in Ireland

Education in Ireland

Education in Ireland: In Ireland, there are three levels of education i.e are primary, secondary and higher (often called “third-level” or tertiary) education. In current years higher education has developed immensely. Growth and development in the economy since the 1960s has started much of the change in the education method. For universities admission the student service fees (up to €3,000 in 2015), which applicants are needed to pay on registration, insurance, to cover examinations, and registration costs.

There are many other legal and non-legal bodies that have a function in the education method. The present Minister for Education is Richard Bruton. The Department of Education and Skills, under the control of the Minister of Education and Skills, is in complete control of policy, funding, and regulation, while other major organisations are the National Qualifications Powers of Ireland, the Higher Education Authority, and on a regional level the Education and Training Boards are the only general system of government organisation.

Why study in Ireland?

Their plenty of reasons why you should choose to study in Ireland, read this complete article your all queries will be finished.The Irish Administration spends over 782 million annually in research and study in Ireland’s higher education institutions. The result of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutes now influence the world in an increasing number of fields.

Many of the Irish Universities are in the top 1% of research institutes in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields i.e social sciences, spanning natural sciences, and the humanities. This produces a unique chance and possibility for you at an undergraduate and postgraduate level to associate with research programmes that are driving modernization and changing lives worldwide.

Important points why to study in Ireland:

  • You can study  in one of the best education systems in the world famous for higher education achievements
  • You will be having the chance to join the 35,000 international students from 161 countries
  • Experiencing Ireland’s vibrant culture
  • You will have the opportunity to live in an English speaking country
  • Choose from over 5000 internationally acknowledged qualifications
  • You can access world-class research possibilities in world-leading programmes
  • You can easily connect with career opportunities with leading global companies situated in Ireland
  • You can get advantages from Ireland’s investment in the education system
  • Adventure living in one of the friendliest, reliable and safest countries in the world

Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) is a leading independent organization helping the international student to choose best study plan. Also, ICOS maintains the international education policy and practice in Ireland are quality driven and resides firmly focused on the educational and social needs of all students. We support the rights and welfare of international students who choose to get Education in Ireland and support staff in colleges who work with them.

Education in Ireland for international students:

Internationalisation of education is a very comprehensive way to education that equips students, academics and staff to be productive and engaged partners in an interconnected global world. Ireland’s access to the internationalization of education for the balance of the decade will be shaped by global trends in the international education place and possibly disruptive technologies and changes in the mode of delivery.

Global competition is growing as new entrants to the International Student market are making important inroads and existing destinations are growing their investment and attractiveness. The policies of partner Governments will have a notable influence on global mobility trends.

Education in Ireland mission:

  • To boost the number of international students studying in Ireland
  • To formulate world-class networks of learning and modification that can attract funding from outside the Irish education method
  • To attract outstanding researchers to our institutions and to build research capacity and commercialization of research
  • To equip learners with the talents and experience to compete internationally
  • To have increased Irish students integrate overseas expertise into their study through maximizing mobility possibilities for all
  • To compare the benefits achieved from internationalization in knowledge with enterprises to help the achievement of national economic ambitions
  • To improve our international alumni channels to build global connections for greater social and economic consequences for Ireland at home and abroad

Initiatives to be taken to support Ireland’s competitive position in the International Education environment:

  • National Framework for Doctoral Education
  • National Code of Practice for Doctoral Education
  • Research and Synergies with innovation 2020

Top 5 reasons why you should choose to study in Ireland?

Post-study visa: One of the significant benefits of studying in Ireland is the post-study visa. This becomes easier for students to view for job opportunities in the country after they graduate, and once they have a responsibility of the job, they are then eligible to apply for a green card/work permit.

In addition, the Irish authority has also allowed extending the ‘stay back option’ to two years from one year for non-EU/EEA candidates who study at level 9 or above in the national framework.

English language: Although Irish Gaelic is approved as the first official language of the country, only 36% of the Irish community actually know it. 94% of the community know English, with it being the second official language.

The Irish dialect and accent may be a short overwhelming at first, but you will soon get suited to it. Studying, living, and working in Ireland is a great way to develop your speaking and listening ability in English.

Top universities: Ireland is also called home to many of the top universities in the world such as Trinity College Dublin is ranked 131st in 2017 THE World University Rankings, while University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Galway ranks 201-25th.

Scholarships for international students
You can note some of the popular scholarships available here are–

  • University College Dublin scholarship
  • NUI Galway international student scholarship
  • Trinity College Dublin scholarship

Culture and lifestyle: Ireland is the very small and decent country on earth covering beautiful landscapes, famous hospitality, scenic beauty, and a rich culture of drinking, music, and sport. Do you know that there is one pub per 100 people in Dublin? Your main purpose is to get Education in Ireland, but letting your hair down is encouraged!

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