How to Improve Education In India

Education In India

How about if Indian Education system is free of flaws. Read this complete article about how we could improve our Education System using cheap resources available. During the ancient times, Education In India was provided through Gurukula methods of education in which anyone who wanted to study went to a teacher’s (Guru) home and requested to be taught. If he is accepted as a student by the guru, then he has to stay at the guru’s place and help in all household activities. This leads to creating a solid tie between the teacher and the student but also prepares the student for everything. The guru taught each and everything the child required to learn, from Mathematics to Metaphysics and from Sanskrit to the holy scriptures. The student stayed as long as they desired or until the guru felt that he had taught everything he could teach. All education was closely linked to nature and to life, and not restricted to memorizing some information.

Education In India has been an obstacle and lack of it has been accused of all sorts of evil for hundreds of years. Even many of the freedom fighters wrote lengthy articles about how Indian education system requires changing.  Ironic thing is that from the colonial times, some things have changed. We have proved IIMs, IITs, law schools and other institutions of excellence; scholars now routinely score 90% marks but then also students with 90+ percentage find it hard to get into the colleges of their choice, but we continue more of the same old stuff.

The education system in India is worsening because of more fundamental reasons. There are systemic flaws that do not let our need for good education turn into a great marketplace with excellent education services.

Beneficial side of Indian Education system:-

  • According to Indian, Education System students go through many tough exams in their learning years. It prepares to examine our strengths and weaknesses regularly.
  • Indian education system more highlights competitive spirit. Competition teaches candidates to unleash their full potential.
  • Indian schools are fully prepared to teach basic education in all subjects.
  • The annual system in every school years helps slow learners.
  • One of the positive changes happening in the education system is an emphasis on practical knowledge is increased.

How can we improve Education In India?

Original thinking, Reward creativity, Research, and innovation: Our education system unusually rewards what deserves leading academic accolades. Deviance is controlled. Risk taking is challenged. Our marking systems and testing need to be created to recognize original participation, in form of problem-solving, creativity, valuable original research and modification. If we could do this happily Indian education system would have improved overnight.

Concentrate on skill-based education: Education In India is equipped towards educating and testing knowledge at every step as opposed to teaching skills. We should believe that if you teach a man a skill, you qualify him for a lifetime. Knowledge is mostly forgotten after the semester exam is over. Still, year after year Indian applicants focus on reviewing information. This is one of the basic flaws of our education system.

Execute massive technology infrastructure for education: Education In India needs to adopt internet and technology (IT) if it has to teach all of its huge population out of which most of them are located in remote villages. Now if we have had computers and internet, it is easy to invest in technological infrastructure that will make way for education easier than ever. Instead of concentrating on old patterns of brick and mortar colleges and universities, we need to build educational delivery devices that can actually take the wealth of human knowledge to the crowds. We require smartphones, tablets, and computers with high-speed internet connection.

Personalize education – one size does not fit all: Assembly line learning provides assembly line workers. However, the flow of economic world is away from assembly line creation. Indian education system is somehow built on the presumption that if something happened good for one kid, it is good for all kids. Some children learn faster, some are relatively slow. Some students are visual learners, others are auditory learners, and still, some others learn quicker from experience. If one massive unified education system has to provide education to everyone, then there is no choice but to believe that one size fits all.

Allow private capital in education: The government cannot support to provide higher education to all the people in the country. It is too expensive for the government to do so. The central government contributes about 4% of budget investment on education, compared to 40% on defense. The government just did not have adequate money to spend on even opening new schools and universities, forget improving the entire system and investing in technology and innovation associated with the education system. Still, until today, at least on paper only non-profit organizations (NGOs) are allowed to run educational establishments apart from government institutions. Naturally, the immense money, coming from reliable investors who want to profit from honest but high impact businesses do not get into the education sector.

Make reservation irrelevant: We have a reservation system followed in education today because education is not available entirely. Education in India has to be distributed. This is not a long-term solution. If we want to grow as a country built on a knowledge economy, driven by highly trained people – we need to make good education so globally available that reservation will lose its meaning.

Education reservation system India: There is no reservation in the online education system – because it scales. Today there are many top universities worldwide are considering various courses online, and today you can easily visit a live class taught by a top professor of Harvard University online if you want, no matter which country you belong to. This is the future, this is a very easy way to beat reservation and make it inconsequential.

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